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Register for OFIA Portal Access

Select between a Provider, a Customer, or a Furniture Dealership.

Service Provider

We welcome new service provider requests. Our providers are thoroughly vetted by InstallNET. Please visit InstallNET "Be a Provider" resource page below for additional information.



OFIA is a brand of InstallNET. Are you already an existing customer of InstallNET? If so, you likely already have access to OFIA! Either way, please contact the OFIA Support for assistance in getting access to the OFIA portal. It's quick, easy and simple!

Contact OFIA Support Team

Furniture Dealership

Some furniture dealership software packages, like Furniture Command Center, have automatic access to OFIA through their dealership software. If your dealership is using a software package that is not automatically integrated with OFIA, please contact our support team so that we can assist with an automatic connection. In the meantime, you can register and access the OFIA portal as a customer.

Contact OFIA Support Team